Shamanic Healing

Join me Isra on a journey through shamanic healing. 

What is shamanic healing? 

Shamanic healing is a spiritual practice found in cultures all around the world.

Shamanic healing is a spiritual therapy aimed at helping you to heal from within. This could be from a previous trauma or emotional pain such as a relationship breakdown, loss/grieving for a loved one etc. 

You might just need some support to help guide you to find the right path in life and essentially find yourself. 

The following therapies are available:

  • Cord Cutting - releasing energetic ties, this could be removing connections with previous relationships, lost loved ones etc. This therapy will help bring your energy back so you can truly focus on yourself. 

  • Removal of Psychic Daggers - a therapy to help remove energetic daggers that have been placed in our auric field, these are usually placed unintentionally but can be intentional for some cultures. These are usually placed in our field when people speak badly of us. You might not know that you require this therapy but a consultation with me will confirm. 

  • Soul Retrieval - a therapy where we retrieve a piece of your past to help you feel more complete in the present. We will journey through your past to locate this event which in turn will help you to heal.  This is a great therapy for anyone that is struggling with an event that has caused trauma in the past.

  • Body Work - I will work with your body to identify any areas for healing.


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