Hello beautiful beings & welcome to Wolf Medicine.

I am Isra, shamanic practitioner & kambo practitioner. I am here to assist you & guide you on your journey to self....I am here to show you the amazingness of your own being, to re connect you to self & the life you want ~ Through Trauma to oneness.



My Journey

My journey began in 2016 when I incorporated a deep meditation practice into my life, I started to see life in a different way, I noticed our behaviours as human beings and the way in which we respond to trauma in the everyday cycle of life. I decided that I didn't want to live this way anymore and wanted to help others on their own healing journey of self. 

I self taught for many years reading books and learning from others. I started using plant medicines to assist me and help me build on my understanding and knowledge within. I once read a great quote 'by knowing ourselves we know others' and that resonated with me. I then went on to learn Temenos Touch with Evelyn Brodie (click here for more info) and her Husband George Christie, a transformational healing therapy which honours the traditions of the Peruvian Shamans Alberto Villoldo and Simon Buxton. I also completed Kambo Practitioner training with the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Kambo has been supporting me throughout my journey helping to support and realign me back to my true self, it has truly grounded me and made me a stronger version of my self. 

I now love to pass on my experience to support others with their journeys through the therapies that I offer.

I am based in Shoreham-by-Sea in West Sussex but regularly travel around to meet with my clients. 

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Shamanic Healing

Join me Isra on a journey through shamanic healing. 

What is shamanic healing? 

Shamanic healing is a spiritual practice found in cultures all around the world.

Shamanic healing is a spiritual therapy aimed at helping you to heal from within. This could be from a previous trauma or emotional pain such as a relationship breakdown, loss/grieving for a loved one etc. 

You might just need some support to help guide you to find the right path in life and essentially find yourself. 

The following therapies are available:

  • Cord Cutting - releasing energetic ties, this could be removing connections with previous relationships, lost loved ones etc. This therapy will help bring your energy back so you can truly focus on yourself. 

  • Removal of Psychic Daggers - a therapy to help remove energetic daggers that have been placed in our auric field, these are usually placed unintentionally but can be intentional for some cultures. These are usually placed in our field when people speak badly of us. You might not know that you require this therapy but a consultation with me will confirm. 

  • Soul Retrieval - a therapy where we retrieve a piece of your past to help you feel more complete in the present. We will journey through your past to locate this event which in turn will help you to heal.  This is a great therapy for anyone that is struggling with an event that has caused trauma in the past.

  • Body Work - I will work with your body to identify any areas for healing.


Other Therapies Available


Kambo Therapy 

Journey with Isra and the purgative frog medicine of Kambo

For more information on my Kambo offering please view the Kambo tab from the main header. 

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Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balancing. 

A beautifully relaxing treatment to assist you with realignment & chakra balancing.

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Discovery Call

Are you wanting some therapy but are not sure which treatment would be most suitable?
I am happy to arrange a discovery call with you to discuss your needs and the best possible therapy to help you on your journey to self.
Please do contact me using the 'contact' tab in the header if you would like to arrange a call.

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I've had two 2 point healing sessions with Isra. Isra's healing room was very relaxing and I felt calm as soon as I walked in there. Isra took the time to understand the things I wanted resolve in myself before the healing started. The treatments were very relaxing and Isra checked I was OK throughout and gave me the chance to talk about what came up for me before I went home. I felt so relaxed after and slept so well. I also felt lighter in myself like i'd dealt with some things that were holding, me back. I am really looking forward to my next treatment and will be recommending the treatment to all of my friends.


I found my soul retrieval fascinating. It resonated well with what I had been feeling for a while. I was especially impressed with my spirit creature which was a butterfly as they have a lot of meaning to myself. Isra is extremely passionate about her practices and is always thinking of what is most beneficial to her client and their well-being. I would definitely look to her for more treatments in the future.


I came to Isra for treatment as I was dealing with some issues from my past. Isra spent lots of time taking me through the various treatments available and recommended the cord cutting. The therapy was amazing and I came away feeling so much more positive about my future self. It has really opened my eyes to the trauma I was dealing with for so long. Thank you Isra!


Just had a session with Isra, a holistic approach to self healing which has shown dividends. I would highly recommend reaching out to her for a wholesome session in a nurturing environment.


Just had a soul retrieval and crystal healing session with Isra. Great experience and came away feeling lighter and more focused on my future. Thanks Isra!


I got in contact with Isra as I was really interested in Kambo, I didn't know much about it so I had a discovery call with Isra where she talked me through the treatment process. I decided to go ahead, It was an incredible experience and I will be back for more in the future. Thank you, feeling more focused.



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